About us


We have assembled the best high school coaching staff in the country, and we are backed by a tremendous group of partners. Our staff is diverse in knowledge and skill sets that will allow us to take high school football in Canada to new heights. Together we will provide Canadians the prep football program they have been waiting for. An elite experience that will develop respectful, ambitious, hard-working young men with strong morals.


Our staff will provide a year-round experience to maximize the development of our student athletes on the field, in the weight room, in the classroom, and most importantly, in life.

On the field, our staff of experienced and knowledgeable coaches offer an unmatched level of physical and football development. Through field workouts, practices, games, meetings, and film review, our coaches offer unlimited resources to our players in pursuit of maximizing their potential.

In the weight room, our athletes will be guided by our professional trainers through our workout programs that will vary depending on the time of the year. Meal plans and diets will be developed by our nutritionist, and parents will be educated on what they can do to help at home.

In the classroom, our student-athletes will be provided extensive academic resources to ensure their success. Mandatory study hall will be held daily and tutors will be provided. Our Academic Advisor will be available for both student-athletes and their parents to stay on top of academic eligibility, course selection, and help with any questions they may have.

In life, the experiences and opportunities our program will provide our members will have a lifelong impression. Community Service, Mentorship, and Leadership Camp will not only help develop the young men in our program, but it will give them an opportunity to impact the lives of others in their families and communities.


The talent in Canada has always existed, but the proper resources and development are not available to most. We want to change that. The elite coaching, level of competition, and overall recruiting exposure that we provide our student-athletes will allow Canadians to pursue the highest levels of football without leaving Canada.